TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 10, 2017) – Canada House Wellness Group Inc. (“Canada House” or the “Company”) (CSE:CHV)(CSE:CHV.CN) is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% of Knalysis Technologies Inc. “Knalysis” by way of a stock exchange with 5 million shares of the Company.

Knalysis creates tools for better cannabis health outcomes by its innovative software that seamlessly links physicians, providers, and patients, offering a global approach to reporting, monitoring and care. Its leadership team envisioned a need for health technology connecting every aspect of the medical marijuana field, and has pioneered software to meet this need. Its products were developed with a national network of clinicians in the medical marijuana domain, and are built to deliver better monitoring of symptoms, moods, and treatments for both physician and patient.

Knalysis’ principals are industry veterans in technology, data collection, business acumen, and the medical marijuana vertical. Its team is made up of elites in IT with resumes that includes substantial work for Microsoft, Boeing, IBM, CERN, McAfee, Bank of America, and other international organizations.

Knalysis products include:

  • The Knalysis Wellness Tracker app which empowers users to actively engage in their personal health monitoring for ailments treated by medical marijuana.
    Choose from over 50 ailments, including 100 different moods and symptoms, which can be treated with medical cannabis. Track these in the app, and see habits and patterns emerge to determine which strains are more effective for you.
  • The Analytics Web Portal (AWP) which stores and reports on all of the data collected in the Wellness Tracker app, allowing dispensaries, cultivators, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers to benefit from complete, comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of their strains. The data captured is a key factor for clients in determining trends in treatment pertaining to efficacy of phenotypes/strains over time with regards to different illnesses, and therefore adjusting their prescribing, buying, and supplying patterns.
  • The Cannabis Patient Manager (CPM) which was developed with a national network of clinicians in the medical marijuana domain, this web-based tool serves as a secure online hub of patient health information. With several exclusive features, the Cannabis Patient Manager is built for more accurate monitoring, scheduling, and improved patient outcomes. This tool charts medical data (diagnosis, treatment, dosage, strain preference), allows for online signatures and self-registration, houses vital information (government approvals, prescriptions, reports, notes) and manages appointments. The CPM is built to complement the clinic’s natural workflow and mutually benefits both physician and patient.

In addition, Canada House has elected two new Directors to its Board, Scott Purdy and Ahmed Rasouli, who together with the Chairman, form the Board’s Audit Committee. They replace David Shpilt and Edwin Corey whom the company thanks for their services.

Mr. Purdy has built disruptive businesses in the past, challenging current thinking and producing a completely new form of business in the healthcare industry which tends to distrust change of any kind. He is a cannabis professional, holding a MMAR Production License who has legally grown Cannabis since 2013. He served on the Board of Directors of Nimble LTD., a product commercialization company, and on the Board of Directors of Sunnybrook Center for Studies in Aging, Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto ON.

Mr. Purdy is a member of the ArcView Group, Oakland CA and participates in weekly webinars viewing 3 – 5 new Cannabis-related companies seeking investment capital each week. He worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross HME Division for two years. During this time, he developed a new method of equipment recovery to reduce DOS and corresponding new equipment purchase requirements.

Mr. Rasouli is a seasoned entrepreneur and business executive. He has created multiple businesses during his 25-year business career, mainly in the fields of medical and foot-health clinics and orthotic manufacturing. He founded Abba Medix Corp., now a division of Canada House, in 2013 to take advantage of the significant changes in medical marijuana regulations in Canada, raising $2.5 million privately and an additional $4.3 million when he took the company public.

Canada House Wellness Group Inc.

Canada House is the parent company of Marijuana for Trauma, Knalysis Technologies, and Abba Medix Corp. The Company’s goal is to become a marketplace leader through strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions to create a fully integrated medical cannabis marketplace.

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    Interim Chief Executive Officer
    Canada House Wellness Group Inc.