TORONTO, Dec. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canada House Wellness Group Inc. (CSE:CHV) (“Canada House” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce its intended uses for the $6,341,608 net new funds generated by its recent convertible debenture unit financing.

The schedule below notes that 4% of our private placement offering funds was paid in cash commissions; 22% was used to retire debt; 48% is intended to be used to complete the Pickering, ON Abba Medix grow facility to obtain its License to Sell and commence commercial sales; 15% will be used to expand the MFT operations; $450,000 for Knalysis Technologies R&D and the promotion of its CPM software subscriptions; and the balance will be added to the Company’s working capital.

$ 8,609,000 100% Total Funds Raised
$ 1,700,000 20% Debt Retirements
$ 205,000 2% Payables Settlements
$ 362,392 4% Cash Commissions
$ 6,341,608 74% Net Funds to the Company
Intended uses of Net Funds to the Company
$ 4,100,000 48% Completion of Abba Medix Grow Facility
$ 1,300,000 15% Expansion of MFT Operations
$ 450,000 5% Knalysis R&D & Promotion
$ 491,608 6% Addition to Working Capital
$ 6,341,608 74% Total Planned Capital Uses

The Company’s working capital balances are also being augmented by early warrant redemptions, which has totalled more than $700,000 during this month of December.

Canada House Wellness Group Inc.
Canada House is the parent company of Marijuana for Trauma Inc., Knalysis Technologies and Abba Medix Corp. The Company’s goal is to become a marketplace leader through strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions to create a fully integrated cannabis therapy company. For more information please visit or

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