According to New Brunswick’s former Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Canada House Wellness Group’s “Conversation on Cannabis,” co-hosted with the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton was, “the most entertaining and substantive public policy discussion that [he’s] seen since the 1980s.”

Conversations on Cannabis, which happened on the evening of October 15, was hosted to help inform and discuss the benefits and research opportunities in and for the medicinal cannabis space for members of the research, medical, student communities and the general public.

The event ended up being a packed house, where dozens of individuals came to hear about Canada House Wellness Group’s work and how the organization is effectively changing lives throughout the country with access to cannabis.

“This was a critical conversation to inform, educate and raise awareness of the positive impact medical cannabis will have in New Brunswick and across the country,” said Chris Churchill-Smith, CEO of Canada House Wellness Group, “The conversations that occurred during this evening were stimulating, earnest, and at times surprising to see where the conversation led us.”

Canada House Wellness Group was represented by Dr. Van Vuuren, Nicole Ferris, Mike Prouse, and Alex Kroon, who did an outstanding job explaining the mission of Canada House of “providing patient-specific cannabinoid therapy products and services through its clinics and licensed producer.”

In this critical time leading up to legalization, which was to happen just two days later, it was made apparent that there is still quite a gap in the education and understanding of cannabis. Education is a critical part of what Canada House Wellness Group does and will continue to do as more Canadians take steps to access legal cannabis, both inside Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) and in legal recreational markets.

This is just the inaugural event of many that Canada House Wellness Group plans to host with The University of New Brunswick. The next event will centre around Cannabis in the Social Sciences, and what it means for arts, psychology, history, and the study of how humans live and interact with each other.

More information and future events can be found on Canada House Wellness Group’s website at