Recently a Vancouver Sun headline read, “Where are the seeds?” in response to the Cannabis Stores across Canada facing a shortage in available cannabis within days of the turn to legal recreational cannabis in Canada.

Within the excitement to purchase cannabis, consumers quickly noticed lack of seeds and starting materials on the legal markets for those who want to take advantage of the legal ability to grow up to 4 plants per household.

The shortage, while predicted in the months leading up to October 17, is due to a lack of ability for Licenced Producers to acquire seeds with quality genetics.

Canada House Wellness Group (CSE: CHV)’s Abba Medix Genetics has the solution to the shortage for seeds and starting materials that Licenced Producers are looking for.

Launched on October 8 at, Abba Medix Genetics is an online e-commerce platform that sells cannabis seeds with high-quality genetics to the Licenced Producer community. Through Abba Medix Genetics, they can access over 150 different strains, increasing the number of strains they grow in their facilities and what is available to their consumers.

Not all seeds are created equal, which is essential for LPs and home growers alike to become aware of before making a purchase. Being the holding pod for a plant’s genetics, there are several components that go into determining whether a seed is of quality genetics and a few bona fide ways to tell if a seed is of quality.

The seed should have a solid exterior shell that cannot be easily crushed: placing the seed between the fingers and squeezing gently, the seed should stand up to the pressure and not crumble.  As for appearance, seeds should have a dark exterior that has a waxy sheen to the shell. Growers will often see a tiger stripe pattern on the exterior of the waxy shell. Quality seeds will be free of cracks and blemishes to ensure that the genetics have been properly protected. A seed without quality genetics, truly isn’t worth germinating, as genetics certainly have a strong correlation to plant health, plant growth cycle, and yield.

The seeds provided to LPs by Abba Medix Genetics are sought-after phenotypes from top-quality breeders. They have high germination rates and arrive at the LP Phyto sanitized and are already approved by Health Canada, ensuring that the LP and home growers are accessing nothing but the best seeds, at reasonable prices to produce high-quality cannabis yields.

Abba Medix Genetics has been pleased with the response from the LP community, signing deals with two of Canada’s LPs for the provision of seeds with quality genetics. These materials will help get these LPs an advantage in producing high-quality cannabis, and providing the marketplace with seeds, to address the market shortages the legal recreational market is currently experiencing.