Being a medical cannabis user in Canada can be extremely beneficial for health, but for many patients, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate the vast waters of Licensed Producers to find the product that suits them best.

There are over 100 Licensed Producers (LP’s) approved by Health Canada with this number growing. Each offers a wide array of products, including flower, oils, sprays, capsules, and tinctures to name a few. For patients, it can be challenging to decide which company is the best to work with. Canada House Clinics is dedicated to helping patients work with knowledgeable doctors to determine if medical cannabis is the right treatment and if so, help them through the process of finding the LP that best fits their requirements.

What Is A Licensed Producer?

Licensed Producers, like our subsidiary Abba Medix, are companies that are licensed by Health Canada to grow, harvest, cure, and package cannabis for sale to a wholesaler or individuals with a medical document to use cannabis.

Licensed Producers are required to possess a provincial or municipal license to operate and must be registered with the Government of Canada’s Health Canada. Licensed sellers must obtain additional licenses specific to selling cannabis to registered medical users.

Recently, Canada House was proud to announce that it has received approval from Health Canada to sell cannabis under Abba Medix, in accordance with sections 27 and 289 of the Cannabis Regulations under The Cannabis Act. This approval includes the sale of dried cannabis, cannabis oil, seeds, cannabis plants, and fresh cannabis for medical purposes.

Licensed Producers like Abba Medix offer a unique set of products, with each producer differing from the next, creating healthy competition within the industry while giving cannabis patients a variety of choice to suit their needs. For example, one LP may offer a sativa dominant THC oil, while another may focus on dried flowers. Each medical cannabis user is advised to work with their doctor and patient care team to determine which products best suit their needs and then find the Licensed Producers who sell each product.

Canada House, above all else, cares about the quality of our patient care. That is why Abba Medix products are never exclusively recommended at our clinics. Patients are referred to the LP that has the strains, formulations, and availability based on their needs.

It’s All About Individual Needs

As a consumer, it’s crucial to ask LPs questions such as “what is the growing process?” and “what kind of quality assurance process does each product undergo?”. It is essential for consumers to know that they are buying the purest products that are free of chemicals or pesticides. Ask if the LP can produce a consistent product each time through their growing practices so that once you find the right product you can count on the same desired effect. Canada House maintains an open repository of Press Releases, aimed at updating consumers, stakeholders, other LPs, and the general public on our growing processes, yields, and growth as an LP.

The price point is another important issue to consider for consumers purchasing medical cannabis. If an individual has a prescription to consume multiple grams of cannabis per day their monthly costs can become expensive and sometimes unaffordable with the cost per gram ranging from $8-15 plus sales and excise tax. Abba Medix intends to maintain a low price per gram to ensure that quality medical cannabis is affordable for most Canadians.

Each individual’s needs are different, and it is important to find the products that best suit individual desired outcomes with the goal to improve overall health.  Inquire today about becoming a patient with Canada House Clinics to start the process of navigating medical cannabis in Canada.  Our Cannabinoid Therapy Educators are here to answer all your questions and help you discover the potential for symptomatic treatment and overall health.