In a recent press release, Canada House stated that Licensed Producer Abba Medix, a subsidiary of Canada House, is seeking to obtain an EU-Good Manufacturing Practice certification (EUGMP). This certification will allow Abba Medix to export cannabis and cannabis products to the European market and demonstrates our commitment to growing consistent, high-quality, medical-grade cannabis.

Abba Medix’ Pickering facility is expected at full capacity to produce 2000 and 3000 kilograms per annum of dried flower. The Pickering facility coupled with additional capacity in Western Canada allows us to serve the needs both at home in Canada and globally.

With our state-of-the-art medical grade facility now complete, Canada House has taken the next step towards certification and engaged in a software licensing agreement with leading technology partner Cannabis OneFive Inc. C15 is used by more than 650 of the world’s most recognized pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods companies. The C15 software gives us the ability to manage and automate processes such as supply chain management, document control, compliance management, audit management, supplier quality management, and document training management to maintain Health Canada requirements.

What is EUGMP Certification?

The EUGMP is a European Good Manufacturing Practice certification as it relates to human medicine distributed in the European Union. GMP dictates the minimum standard that any medicine manufacturer must comply with when it comes to their production process. Any products or medicine intended for the European market must comply with specific standards, regardless of where it is produced.

The GMP requires all medicines to be of consistently high quality, appropriate for the intended use and meet requirements of the marketing and clinical trial authorization.

Canada House and Abba Medix are seeking to certify their Pickering production plant to sell dried cannabis flowers and cannabis products in the European Union. All importers in the European Union must ensure that the Licensed Producer they work with is certified with the EUGMP.

Who Oversees the EUGMP?

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is responsible for oversight on production plants with a EUGMP Certification. The Agency ensures that standards are being met and companies remain in compliance with the EUGMP.

The European Medicines Agency is responsible for on-site inspections of production facilities, facilitating cooperation between member states for inspections of Licensed Producers outside of the European Union, and writing all laws and procedures that must be followed once a EUGMP Certification has been obtained.

Why is the EUGMP Important for the Cannabis Industry?

The EUGMP Certification is vital to ongoing quality control and testing in the cannabis production industry. This certification and the European Medicines Agency regulatory body are in place to ensure that products entering the EU market are of top quality and have met specific production standards. Products sold in the EU market must undergo rigorous quality assurance testing and be exactly as they are advertised.

These standards will guarantee that the medical cannabis on the European market is high-quality medicine which is appropriate for the treatment of various conditions and symptoms. Unlike grey market producers, who can sell products treated with pesticides and chemicals, the EUGMP ensures that medical cannabis from a Licensed Producer is free from these substances and meets rigorous quality assurance standards.

For the consumer, this means a high-quality product on a consistent basis. Medical cannabis users depend on their medication to be the same each time they buy it, and the EUGMP standards help to ensure this is the reality. Canada House and Abba Medix knows the importance of consistent quality and are excited to continue the process to obtain our certification.